Pre School Sport is an educational sports program that develops the fundamental motor skills of 2 to 5 year olds in Melbourne. We provide a non competitive fun and safe environment for pre-school boys and girls.

The fundamental motor skills such as kicking, catching, throwing and hitting are important gross motor skills require by pre-school children. These skills are often found to be at an insufficient level upon entering primary school. Pre School Sport programs not only develop these skills but improve hand-eye coordination, balance and spatial awareness. In addition to the physical benefits; our sport programs also improve self confidence, self esteem, social development, sharing, concentration, independence, sportsmanship and group and individual learning experiences.

The educational component of our sports programs teaches colours, shapes, body parts, animals, numeracy, listening skills and basic comprehension.

Make your child’s first sporting experience a positive one…. so that a passion for an active and healthy lifestyle is developed from an early age.

One Week TRIAL Classes

Register over the phone for a free one week Trial class. 


The term fees are calculated by multiplying the number of weeks in the term by $16.00 per class.

Based on a typical 9 week term the costs is $144.00.

10% Discount is given to each child for multiple sibling enrolments.

There is a one off registration of $28 for new enrolments which includes a Pre School Sport T-shirt, an end of term certificate and weekly stickers and give aways.

All prices includes GST.

Phone: 1300 766 341 or 0422 043 853
Fax: (03) 8678 1180
Email: info@preschoolsport.com.au
Office: PO Box 8085, East Brighton, Vic 3187