Program Information

Pre School Sport offer a range of different sport programs which run throughout the year in conjuction with the four school terms. The programs teach the fundamental motor skills required at each age group, this includes learning to kick, catch, throw, hit, run and jump. Fundamental motor skill development begins in early childhood, and individuals have the potential to be proficient in most of them by about six years. Development of the fundamental skills is very much dependent on environmental influences in the form of practice, learning and teaching.

The specific skills required for each individual sport are taught whilst incorporating an educational component to the program. By using sport as a fun learning vehicle, each week children have specific outcomes to learn such as colours, shapes, animals, body parts, numeracy, listening skills and basic comprehension.

The focus is on fun and enjoyment and learning in a non competitive environment through games and play. The sport programs run each week on the same day and time throughout the school term. Each session is 45 minutes duration.

Pre School SOCCER

This program runs all year round and is fantastic for the younger children or for those who are looking to commence a sporting program for the first time. This program teaches kicking, trapping, dribbling, attacking, defending, goal shooting and goal keeping plus much more. A range of games are incorporated which ensure mass participation and successful outcomes for the children. There is a steady progression in the program and the skills required as the children mature through the various age groups.


The Aussie Rules Football program is run during the winter months which includes term 2 and term 3 of the school year. The program is available for children between 2.5-5 years old. The Pre School Football program is non contact. The skills taught in this program are kicking, marking, bouncing, goal kicking, evasive skills and defending. This is a fantastic introductory football program prior to being at an age to participate in community based football.

Pre School HAVE A GO

The Have A Go program consists of 3 different sports, Soccer, Aussie Rules Football, and Basketball. It is designed to give children the opportunity of experiencing three different sports. It specifically covers all of the fundamental motor skills such as kicking, throwing, catching and hitting. The program is available for children between 2.5-5 years old.

Age Groups

The children are grouped by age to ensure that the learning outcomes are specific to the age of the children.

Although class times can vary slightly between venues, the age group classification are as follows;
2.5 to 3.5 year olds & 3.5 to 5 year olds

Children under the age of 2 years can participate but must be approved by Pre School Sport.

Parent Participation

Parents or guardians are required at each session. Parents are actively involved in the class with their child in the 2.5 - 3.5 year age groups. As a child gets older parents participation decreases throughout the 3.5-5 year age groups. Children feel safe and confident if a parent is present and often this may be your child's first experience in such a program. The children also respond better when learning and partnering with a parent at an early age. Children love to have their parents watch and encourage them.


All coaching staff are very friendly and relate well with children. All coaches are qualified and have experience working with children. All relevant police checks and working with children checks are completed.


The term fees are calculated by multiplying the number of weeks in the term by $16.00 per class.

Based on a typical 9 week term the costs is $144.00.

10% Discount is given to each child for multiple sibling enrolments.

There is a one off registration of $28 for new enrolments which includes a Pre School Sport T-shirt, an end of term certificate and weekly stickers and give aways.

Phone: 1300 766 341 or 0422 043 853
Fax: (03) 8678 1180
Office: PO Box 8085, East Brighton, Vic 3187